September 20, 2012

Rhinoceros, rhinoceri, or rhinoceroses... :: The Big Trip Redux

It's hard to believe that five years ago today I had just wrapped up my first African safari, visited one of the most famous wave breaks in the southern hemisphere, plummeted off the tallest bungee jumping the world (as of 2007) and straddled two oceans at the southern most tip of Africa.  Wow.  Bucket list, check!

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This is now my third blog post on the Big Trip Redux and I am finally beginning to realize the amount of photos that went un-viewed, un-process, un-thought-about for years.  How unfortunate to have experienced all these amazing places and yet, I never did anything more to remember it other than hitting 'click' on the camera and downloading it to a hard drive.  Pity.  And…. hence the Redux, where I can revisit all these old photos, memories, and re-introduce them into the world as fresh, new memories.  It feels sort of like a rebirth.

Lalibela - 'The place for which the bees have foretold greatness.'

The first time I heard that phrase, I thought it was magical, like a fairytale.  Lalibela is the name of the game reserve where I experienced my first slice of 'Wild Africa.'  Safari.  Elephants.  Giraffe.  Rhinos.  Hippos.  Lions.  Lions so close, you could feel their roars.  Herds of antelope shifting across the prairie.  Rhinoceros endless chewing wild grasses.  It was truly unlike any other experience I have had in my life.

Jeffery's Bay

One of the most famous surf breaks in South Africa, the town is know to any serious surfer.  Arriving at this beach in the off season allowed us to see the beauty in the landscape and the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean without the distraction of fearless surfers in the breaks and on the sand.

Bloukrans Bridge and Bungee

In 2007, the bridge was the tallest in South Africa and the bungee was the tallest in the world at 708 feet - and I jumped off it!  'It was the most amazingly terrifying sensation I have ever experienced!'

Cape Agulhas

The southern most point of Africa and also one of the most peaceful and beautiful places I have ever seen.  The Atlantic and Indian Oceans join here and combine their waters along the rocks of the shoreline.  Ancient stone fish traps line the shallows of the beach while high above, the picturesque Cape Agulhas Lighthouse guards the rocky coast.

Upon looking back at this portion of the trip, I am beginning to realize just how big this Redux project is going to be.  There is so much to remember, show much to still share.  I cannot wait to see what I remember next.


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