March 16, 2012

Travel | London Part 1

Back in January, I had an awesome opportunity to travel to London for the first time.  My boyfriend was in London for work and I met up with him at the end of his trip.  We stayed for a long weekend in and around London and crammed in as much touring as possible, it was epic.

I definitely checked a few things off on the Bucket List, starting with Stonehenge.  It was incredible to see these ancient slabs in person.  We also visited a tiny town called Avebury, another ancient site similar yet different from Stonehenge.  This town is surrounded by hundreds of ancient stone slabs in various circles that are literally, miles wide.  Its unreal and super mysterious.  It was here that we photographed a church built in the 12th century.  I felt minuscule in the presence of such antiquity.  

Back in London, we ventured to the famous Borough Market filled with tons of food vendors selling breads, cheese, meats, juices, ethnic foods and pies, authentic english pies.  The smells, awesome.  The sights, diverse.  The pies, Yum!  Across the street is London Bridge which everyone thinks is The Tower Bridge, but its actually where you stand to take pictures of The Tower Bridge, which is what everyone thinks is the London Bridge.  ;)  

Up next is The Tower of London, an ancient fortress full of history, terror and The Crown Jewels.  In the Tower of London museum, there was an awesome display of genuine knight's armor from back in the day.  Lastly, we ended up back in the Borough Market for authentic Fish & Chips.  All that in two days.  Stay tuned for Part 2 on Monday with the second half of the trip.  

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