March 19, 2012

Travel | London Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the London Series.  In case you missed it, I posted London Part 1 before the weekend.  Check it out if you missed it.

This second part of the series covers our Days 3 and 4 in London.  We dropped in to Chinatown just a few days before the Chinese New Year.  It was here that we had a late night snack of Dim Sum (my first experience!  And it was delish!)  We made our way to Parliament, West Minster Abbey and Big Ben of course, it's London protocol.  

Afterwards, we decided to head outside of town a bit and drive over The Tower Bridge on our way to Greenwich Park.  This awesome park is up on one of the tallest hills in London and also is home to The Royal Observatory and the official Prime Meridian Marker.  It's kind of hard to miss since there is a giant green laser beam shooting out from the Observatory into London.

After stunning views of London from on top the hill, we made our way back for the night.  On our last day in London, we had a proper tea and crumpets breakfast at a tiny cafe near out hotel before we headed back to Heathrow Airport and home. 

It was a super fast, super fun trip of a lifetime.  I can't wait to do it again.  

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