October 23, 2012

Luna Park, Byron Bay and Brisbane :: The Big Trip Redux

Five years ago right now, I was traveling around the eastern coast of the continent of Australia, alone.  It was amazing (except for some of my time in Brisbane.)  This post is part of The Big Trip Redux Blog series - a sort of re-visit to my travels five years ago.  I've been digging through the old photos and posting the ones that have never been seen by anyone else but me and my hard drives.  

This post has a few images from Luna Park in Sydney, a tiny little amusement park near the Sydney Harbor Bridge that is as charming as it looks.  I took a day trip from Sydney to The Blue Mountains, Australia's equivalent of The Grand Canyon, and hiked in eucalyptus forests and saw the sandstone rock formation known as 'The Three Sisters.'

After I left Sydney, I flew north to Byron Bay, a laid-back beach town full of travelers and gorgeous desolate beaches.  After a week of serious relaxation, I made my way to Brisbane.  I had a few bad experiences there, but a visit to The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and seeing koalas and kangaroos definitely cured the blues.

If you want to know more, you can always read my blog from 2007 here.

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